Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Being the most awesome Technoblog on the planet has been difficult, and shortly after starting it ... I bailed on it because I found my passion.

I started a killer site called Tested Resources for the Digital Age it is on all kinds of cool topics from nvidia, and ati, to RMA process reviews and product reviews for computer hardware.

Again if your looking for EXTREME OVERCLOCKING and more check out my new site.


I may still on rare occation post here, however my new consumer oriented blog and news site is my new passion, and as you will see it is quite extensive.


Ravi Brounstein

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


So it worked ...

In the classic tucker max style, Jesse took it home last night, likely tonight too, with so little sleep I prolly wont get to do any LAN gaming with him this weekend.

I must say I am more than a little shocked she slept with him; she seemed less that interested at the bar. I guess she's a real vixen in the sack though.

I had my electrical theory 3 midterm today, as usual I was done in less than half the time of the other students. It always makes me wonder if I did well, or crappy when I'm done so quickly.

It really pays to have a laptop. I just got my 802.11 A/B/G wifi card in my laptop today and I needed it to set up and test a D-link gamer lounge wifi router. If you haven't used one of these routers yet they are slick, they have a 'game fuel engine' which is packet prioritization for game packets which equates to lower latencies.

More later,



Sunday, November 06, 2005


Tonight was wicked ...

I haven't been 'out' in well over a month, so in typical student manner I blew off my responsibilities, tonight I went out.

One of my friends has a friend named Bee; she is super hot, and just visiting. So my pal Jesse and Me too her out for some pool, and some Rogue Hazelnut brown ale.

The girl was nice (well, woman fits more when your 33 I suppose), nice blue panties too ... I finally realized this is why you take a girl to play pool ... you get to see boobies and panties. Anyway I had fun talking to her, but truth be told, Jesse is the one without a girl ... and think that will still be the case.

Earlier today I took on a computer gig, gonna format and re-setup a computer's software. Then tomorrow I will need to go and set it up to share the dialup connection with a laptop.

I generally charge 22.50/hour for the home users to do little things like this. I figure with corporate clients I can bid on the job, and I usually charge between 50 and 100 dollars per hour (estimated) plus expenses. With the hundreds of machines I've done for corporate clients I know my rates are far far less than the going rates, and when I make a computer failure is pretty much unheard of with all my cooling the systems last for ever.

Its 1AM and I still gotta get this machine backed up, formatted, and ready to deliver tomorrow at noon. Usually students pull an all-nighter for school work, not silly things like a format.



Thursday, November 03, 2005

My work is not the most comfortable place in the world,

There is exactly three feet between desk spaces, behind me is my co-worker, and classmate, Chris. In that three feet there is not room for both of our chairs (he sits right behind me) so we staggerd the desks so that I have as much space behind me as I can, and so does he. The problem is my shoulder is never more than 6 inches from his shoulder ... geez what I wouldn't give for a cubicle!

Needless to say, in my state, this amount of space is not a legal amount. We made the choice to have larger desks and less space despite the law and I regret that choice, often.

Today was one of those days where everything felt strange, I'm sure you've had those days ... so it was hard to work less than a foot from another person, let alone talk on the phone!

I long to have enough space to stretch and move freely, 5 feet in a circle around me would do.

Funny thing is I have even less room in my over priced, under funded, super crowded community college. I know what they say, if your going to community, or city college you may as well just go back to that high paid burger flipping career, cause so few actually make anything of 2-year schools. I personally don't have the desire to go to school, but to get hands on semi-guided electronics instruction such an institution is helpful.

In my classroom I sit at a computer screen that is mounted under the desk (with a patrial glasstop desk), the screen hits my knees, and I have enough room to write in a notebook and set my backpack next to me, but not enough to move or stretch.

Needless to say for the price of the community college here I could almost be going to University of Oregon. If anyone tells you that its worth a 2-year college before going to a university tell them to sod off. Mostly 2-year college is like highschool, but it costs too much, and generally unless you plan on Ivy League (which if you were going to such a school is unlikely) you will save very little during the course of your education and indoctrination.



Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I did well ...

... I think, on my semiconductor midterm exam. I was the first one finished, which is always a bad sign.

It turns out my teacher was nice enough to reschedule my Electrical Theory 3 class midterm exam for Monday, finally some reprieve.

I sent my friend the spare laptop I had today (a dell 700m). He's stoked ... I'm just happy I got it going, since it was a freebie.

I don't have to tell you how difficult it is going to school, and working full time in the tech field, then working more on my laptop at home ... hopefully thing will work out. My term seems really loaded.

More in a while,


Monday, October 31, 2005


Today at work was interesting,

my boss has seemingly decided to try hiring on some friends to do web stuff at night again. He seems to think these new guys will do the trick, even though the last one kinda bailed and didn't really do much.

The problem is taking a fish out of water. I mean, for someone who love computer stuff to do that kind of work makes sense. For someone who loves other things, sitting at a computer late into the night seems foolish.

I guess we'll see if it pays to hire on and train more people to do web stuffs who don't really love working in the field.

Right now I am sitting here, typing away on my laptop, watching divx on my socket 754 amd64, and I couldn't be happier, though many would not enjoy this to pass their time. I suspect that people like me will do much better with things like what these new fellows have been hired for, time will tell.

Tomorrow is school. I seriously need to take a term off. I went to school all summer, and things are getting intense in class now. I could use a breather to just enjoy life, seems like spring might just be the time to do that.

I guess we'll see if I have a job tomorrow, and if I can succeed in class. My midterm exam is tomorrow after all.



Saturday, October 29, 2005


I worked hard on that MSI video card.

I've got some pictures of the card, as you can see the screws are proprietary. Very irritating actually, a screw broke while unscrewing it.

Here is the screw and the card backside

Fortunately the card was done up with adhesive so tight I couldn't even wiggle the HSF on the card.

The project was a failure. It's ok the GPU will just run stock/too hot.

Since I couldn't make that happen I went ahead and upgraded his motherboard. I used an iceberq chipset cooler and some of the copper ram sinks from thermaltake. I also went ahead and swapped out his loud volcano fan with a 120x38 panaflo fan (adapter required).

Here is the finished machine

All in all it looks pretty good, and the temperatures are a lil lower at idle, but much lower peak temp at load.

More cool stuff later,


Original MSI nForce 6800 GT video cards get hot.

My friend got an in-warranty replacement for his old GeForce 5950 from MSI and they had to upgrade him to a 6800GT, darn thing runs so hot because their cooling is pretty crappy.

Today after some breakfast and a stop off at the hardware store I'm gonna do a darn near free fix to cool it down more. I've got some really awesome thermal paste to use on the GPU and RAM and if I'm careful I can remove the heat sinks from the card, update to good thermal paste, and it should cool it at least a few degrees.

Back when I first started working on computers I used Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste, which is ok cause they claim it's not too conductive (it still conducts too much for me), and it's better than stock thermal paste which is ceramic. I've found much better thermal paste that is copper it's made by Geil. It's pretty difficult to use Geil's paste because it is a lot thinner than the Arctic Silver, but very very conductive, if you're not careful you can damage your electronics.

I'll get some pictures of the project up soon, so you can see what I'm doing.


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