Saturday, October 29, 2005


I worked hard on that MSI video card.

I've got some pictures of the card, as you can see the screws are proprietary. Very irritating actually, a screw broke while unscrewing it.

Here is the screw and the card backside

Fortunately the card was done up with adhesive so tight I couldn't even wiggle the HSF on the card.

The project was a failure. It's ok the GPU will just run stock/too hot.

Since I couldn't make that happen I went ahead and upgraded his motherboard. I used an iceberq chipset cooler and some of the copper ram sinks from thermaltake. I also went ahead and swapped out his loud volcano fan with a 120x38 panaflo fan (adapter required).

Here is the finished machine

All in all it looks pretty good, and the temperatures are a lil lower at idle, but much lower peak temp at load.

More cool stuff later,


Ravi Brounstein
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