Thursday, October 27, 2005

Today I worked on my Electronics Teacher's laptop.

He is a strange man, my teacher. While teaching electronics at the local community college, he seems completely incapable of repairing simple electronics. What can you expect of a musician who only learned electronics when it came time to teach.

I guess the old addage is true, those who can't do ... teach.

It was actually one of the easiest laptops I've ever worked on and the tech guide from dell walks through each bit of the project, easy enough to find for the 600m. Almost makes it worth buying a dell, till you use a real machine.

I ripped the whole laptop apart, down to the mainboard. That was as far as I was going, it was full of dog hair. I left it like that so the other electronics teacher, the one who can actually solder, to troubleshoot.

It's not my bag to replace surface mount components on a motherboard for free, I most likely wont even get the A+ for the hour I wasted.

Just like teachers to abuse their power and take advantage, but hey, I love working on computers.

Though I've built hudreds of computers, it always bothers me to work on laptops. All the darn plastics start breaking with all the heating and cooling after about a year. This was the exception to the rule, while it was almost two years old all the plastics seemed nearly new.


That's it for today.

-Ravi Brounstein

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