Friday, October 28, 2005

Today is shaping up to be a good day.

I work at a small company that sells electro-medical research equipment. I actually like the job normally, but this week and next week I will be transfering all the data from ACT, Quickbooks, Autoresponse Plus 3, Aweber, and miva merchant into our new CRM program. Mostly cutting and pasting, with a little marketting oriented editing, and a big learning curve. This dang CRM program just does too many things to be easy to setup. At least I get to use a computer I made, and it's fast as hell.

As if that isn't enough I put laundry in last night and didn't start it so I have no socks. All in all I'm thinking I really shouldn't even go in today.

On the plus side, since I don't normally work on Friday, I might have time to finish the line drivers I was working on last week. Don (the electrical engineer at work) was nice enough to give me 8 5' woofers and 4 tweeters, all reallly nice stuff, and he had a bunch of MDF so I figured I should make something that sounds great.

I still need to sand, seal and paint the boxes, then get a few nice capacitors, and some inductors so I can limit the highs and lows respectively, then mount the speakers. Based on the results others have had with these speakers I'm expecting them to sound very near to a $1500 speaker.

Anyway, I best hurry off to work, I've still got some Pspice labs to do for school tonight.

Why did I get an email to check out this sight...I am not an electronics student... I am traveling the world and I really need to focus my time on finding a place with a hot shower and without some weird fungus on the mattress and of course getting the hell out of Bolivia before the elections start. So... if you wouldn't mind.. don't email me crap.
What's the CRM program? Just curious. We use ACT at my office and it is miserable.
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