Friday, October 28, 2005

Today turned out great!

I spent a long time working in my garage. I mounted my 2U liquid cooled Opteron under my 4 station desk.

Here it is mounted

I recently assembled this 2U liquid cooled opteron for a CS:Source dedicated server, it does pretty well hosted on my 8M/768K cable, up to about 16 players then my upstream tops out.

Here are all the components I put into the machine

I also put up a shelf for some of my extra peripherals, and finished the insulation in my garage/workshop/office/lan room. It should do well for the winter now.

Off to the bar to play some pool, then it's back home for a late night session with my Pspice lab for electrical theory class.



Hey Ravi!!! Thank u for posting a comment on my weblog!!! But do u understand spanish?
Well i send u a kiss from Spain!!!
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