Tuesday, November 08, 2005


So it worked ...

In the classic tucker max style, Jesse took it home last night, likely tonight too, with so little sleep I prolly wont get to do any LAN gaming with him this weekend.

I must say I am more than a little shocked she slept with him; she seemed less that interested at the bar. I guess she's a real vixen in the sack though.

I had my electrical theory 3 midterm today, as usual I was done in less than half the time of the other students. It always makes me wonder if I did well, or crappy when I'm done so quickly.

It really pays to have a laptop. I just got my 802.11 A/B/G wifi card in my laptop today and I needed it to set up and test a D-link gamer lounge wifi router. If you haven't used one of these routers yet they are slick, they have a 'game fuel engine' which is packet prioritization for game packets which equates to lower latencies.

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