Saturday, October 29, 2005


I worked hard on that MSI video card.

I've got some pictures of the card, as you can see the screws are proprietary. Very irritating actually, a screw broke while unscrewing it.

Here is the screw and the card backside

Fortunately the card was done up with adhesive so tight I couldn't even wiggle the HSF on the card.

The project was a failure. It's ok the GPU will just run stock/too hot.

Since I couldn't make that happen I went ahead and upgraded his motherboard. I used an iceberq chipset cooler and some of the copper ram sinks from thermaltake. I also went ahead and swapped out his loud volcano fan with a 120x38 panaflo fan (adapter required).

Here is the finished machine

All in all it looks pretty good, and the temperatures are a lil lower at idle, but much lower peak temp at load.

More cool stuff later,


Original MSI nForce 6800 GT video cards get hot.

My friend got an in-warranty replacement for his old GeForce 5950 from MSI and they had to upgrade him to a 6800GT, darn thing runs so hot because their cooling is pretty crappy.

Today after some breakfast and a stop off at the hardware store I'm gonna do a darn near free fix to cool it down more. I've got some really awesome thermal paste to use on the GPU and RAM and if I'm careful I can remove the heat sinks from the card, update to good thermal paste, and it should cool it at least a few degrees.

Back when I first started working on computers I used Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste, which is ok cause they claim it's not too conductive (it still conducts too much for me), and it's better than stock thermal paste which is ceramic. I've found much better thermal paste that is copper it's made by Geil. It's pretty difficult to use Geil's paste because it is a lot thinner than the Arctic Silver, but very very conductive, if you're not careful you can damage your electronics.

I'll get some pictures of the project up soon, so you can see what I'm doing.


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