Thursday, November 03, 2005

My work is not the most comfortable place in the world,

There is exactly three feet between desk spaces, behind me is my co-worker, and classmate, Chris. In that three feet there is not room for both of our chairs (he sits right behind me) so we staggerd the desks so that I have as much space behind me as I can, and so does he. The problem is my shoulder is never more than 6 inches from his shoulder ... geez what I wouldn't give for a cubicle!

Needless to say, in my state, this amount of space is not a legal amount. We made the choice to have larger desks and less space despite the law and I regret that choice, often.

Today was one of those days where everything felt strange, I'm sure you've had those days ... so it was hard to work less than a foot from another person, let alone talk on the phone!

I long to have enough space to stretch and move freely, 5 feet in a circle around me would do.

Funny thing is I have even less room in my over priced, under funded, super crowded community college. I know what they say, if your going to community, or city college you may as well just go back to that high paid burger flipping career, cause so few actually make anything of 2-year schools. I personally don't have the desire to go to school, but to get hands on semi-guided electronics instruction such an institution is helpful.

In my classroom I sit at a computer screen that is mounted under the desk (with a patrial glasstop desk), the screen hits my knees, and I have enough room to write in a notebook and set my backpack next to me, but not enough to move or stretch.

Needless to say for the price of the community college here I could almost be going to University of Oregon. If anyone tells you that its worth a 2-year college before going to a university tell them to sod off. Mostly 2-year college is like highschool, but it costs too much, and generally unless you plan on Ivy League (which if you were going to such a school is unlikely) you will save very little during the course of your education and indoctrination.



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