Sunday, November 06, 2005


Tonight was wicked ...

I haven't been 'out' in well over a month, so in typical student manner I blew off my responsibilities, tonight I went out.

One of my friends has a friend named Bee; she is super hot, and just visiting. So my pal Jesse and Me too her out for some pool, and some Rogue Hazelnut brown ale.

The girl was nice (well, woman fits more when your 33 I suppose), nice blue panties too ... I finally realized this is why you take a girl to play pool ... you get to see boobies and panties. Anyway I had fun talking to her, but truth be told, Jesse is the one without a girl ... and think that will still be the case.

Earlier today I took on a computer gig, gonna format and re-setup a computer's software. Then tomorrow I will need to go and set it up to share the dialup connection with a laptop.

I generally charge 22.50/hour for the home users to do little things like this. I figure with corporate clients I can bid on the job, and I usually charge between 50 and 100 dollars per hour (estimated) plus expenses. With the hundreds of machines I've done for corporate clients I know my rates are far far less than the going rates, and when I make a computer failure is pretty much unheard of with all my cooling the systems last for ever.

Its 1AM and I still gotta get this machine backed up, formatted, and ready to deliver tomorrow at noon. Usually students pull an all-nighter for school work, not silly things like a format.



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